Our nations Veterans are facing a crisis and need a treatment option other than prescription medications. Veterans are taking their own lives at unprecedented rates. It is a fact that more than 22 Veterans commit suicide each day. Veterans also die at a 50% higher rate from accidental overdose than civilians. The Veterans Administration continues to not listen to Veterans and the personal success stories that thousands of Veterans across our great country share on a daily basis. Those success stories all revolve around cannabis use and how effective it is in treating PTSD and chronic pain. As overdose rates and suicides continue to go up in our country, the rate of deaths associated from cannabis stays steady at ZERO. No one has ever overdosed and died from cannabis and no one ever will. It is our mission at VFC to end the needless suicides and accidental overdoses that are plaguing our Veterans and civilians too.


VFC's MISSION is to reduce deaths associated with accidental overdose from prescription pain medication and overall suffering associated with PTSD and chronic pain in Veterans and all patients through the distribution of highest quality DNA-sequenced CBD oil.