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My name is Troy Bowyer. I am a 10 year, Medically Retired, US Army Sergeant Veteran. I am married and have three dismounts. I mention my family because I feel like it is a key factor that is all too often overlooked. I am diagnosed with many issues, but the most impacting issues being PTSD with major depressive disorder, and my back issues. I have had four back surgeries with more to come. It is a very difficult cycle to combat. The depression gets worse because of the constant pain I face. You can’t really tackle the depression without tackling the chronic pain, so it was always pills. It is no secret how pain pills affect a person. It is no secret how anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications can change a person, either. Basically, I was left with nothing to offer. My family suffered because I was either absent in mind, angry, depressed, sick, or too intoxicated to function. Nothing I treated with was as beneficial as cannabis. With cannabis, I have become more involved with my family. I am more active in my own life. The depression is managed amazingly in comparison to the pills, the physical pain is tolerant and manageable. I am a better me when I treat with cannabis. It may just be a quality CBD Tincture, it may be low THC oil, it may be the flower. There are different applications for different times in different situations. Being able to dial in a treatment plan with a medicine that will not ruin my body or mind any further and it affords me the opportunity to establish new roads with my family is something I only wished for over several years after being discharged from the military. It can not be easy as a 9 year old boy wanting to throw the football with dad, but you just aren’t able to. The VFC CBD Tincture is what I used to minimize my use of prescription pills. It is what I still use today and will continue to use. It is the only medicine that made it possible for me to eat again without doubling over in pain from my stomach, that was a pretty rough year. I have received so much of my life back it is astonishing. My family has their father and husband back. I am slowly getting back into the things that I use to enjoy. I am not declaring cannabis a miracle medicine. However, considering how, critical, life was for myself and my family before to what it is now, I am claiming that as my miracle. I can confidently say that cannabis saved my life, and marriage. It changed a lot of things for my family and myself, and it all being nothing but positive changes and results. Without a doubt, patients need cannabis. There will always be hurdles that we will have to overcome, but that does not mean we are not entitled to some peace and quiet between battles.