CHief Executive Officer

Joshua Littrell

A United States Air Force Combat Veteran who served two tours overseas (Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom) as a Bio-Environmental Engineer focusing on Occupational Health and Environmental Protection in peacetime and Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) detection and analysis in wartime, Joshua Littrell discovered medical cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain and degenerative disc disease as well as PTSD. The effects of cannabis transformed Joshua's life, allowing him to significantly reduce the amount of prescription medication provided to him by the Veterans Administration and live a clear-headed and productive life he feared that had been Iost to chronic pain and PTSD.

Armed with a new appreciation for cannabis's effectiveness and safety and a passion to serve his fellow Veterans, Joshua has worked tirelessly for the past few years to promote legalization of medical cannabis in his home state of Georgia and other states in the South. His goal: to "end the needless deaths associated with accidental prescription pain medication overdose and reduce the number of suicides associated with PTSD and Chronic Pain".


Desmond Dogan

Following high school, Desmond served his country for five years in the US Navy. Throughout his military term he further developed leadership skills as a Navy Corpsman in Yokosuka, Japan. His hard work and dedication once again exceeded expectations leading to the prestigious Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal, which he and his shipmates were awarded for “Superb medical support” that was provided between July 1986 with the unit he was attached to.
Although Desmond had a thriving military career, he was ready to explore new heights and pursue his love of the arts, fitness, and healthy/ wellness development. The road to success didn’t come easy. He took the skills he learned in the Navy and landed a position with the prestigious Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He worked an Operating Room Technician in the mornings and auditioned for dance jobs in the afternoon. His 12-year medical career included assisting with the open-heart surgery, liver and kidney transplants and all other surgical practices. Desmond simultaneously continued his pursuit of a viable dance role. His talent didn’t go unnoticed. LA Models began to represent him and eventually a major breakthrough presented itself. “Hip Hop Body Shop,” a fitness and dance show on ESPN II that Desmond co-created and co-hosted received 5 stars from Fitness Magazine.  


chief marketing officer

Jay Estrella

Jay Estrella joined the United States Marine Corps directly out of high school. He was stationed in both California and Japan as an Administrative & Logistics Specialist. While stationed in Okiniawa, Japan, he volunteered for a mission to train the Afghan National Army on a 348-day assignment.

After 8 years of Active Duty Service with the US Marine Corps, Jay received an Honorable Discharge in 2012. He transitioned to become a small business owner in the apparel industry. Within just 2 years, he opened 2 locations in the San Diego, CA area. Estrella’s retail success gave him the momentum to pivot into the apparel wholesale market. His reputation and business savviness, allotted him the opportunity to work with the renowned Kylie Jenner brand in 2016 to create merchandise to supplement thier makeup line. The Kylie Shop. Jay has a passion for supporting and advising other small business owners. From branding to launching a full marketing campaigns, he enjoys the opportunity to showcase his creative ability to help others bring their vision to life.

Jay has experienced the effects of combat, both firsthand and from his fellow servicemembers. He is committed to advocating alternative medical options to rehabilitate all that are suffering. Being a representative of the Veterans For Cannabis allows Estrella to create awareness, to all veterans and non-veterans alike, that there are better and safer options to living a healthier life.