GEL CAPS CBD Full Spectrum --30 count pack--GEL CAPSULES

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Are you accustomed to taking pills or capsules?  Then we have the exact product for you.  So many in our Veteran Community as well as civilians, have to take some sort of pill form medicine every single day.  Think about it!  How many people do you know that don't take an ibuprofen or a birth control pill or a vitamin supplement each day?  Our capsules are so easy to implement into your daily routine.  They are just as good and as effective as our flagship MCT Oil product.  Go ahead and grab a pack, see how you feel after a week of supplementing our Hemp Capsules into your regiment.  Contains, 640mg total CBD in the package (30 capsules).  Each capsule contains 25mg of CBD, 0.3mg CBDV, 0.5mg CBG, 1.68mg CBC and 1.26mg THC.