35MG--30 count MEDIUM DOSE GUMMIES--35MG per gummy total of 1050MG in the jar. 1050mg total in a 30 count jar.

Veterans For Cannabis

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35MG per gummy.  Total of 1050MG in the entire jar!  Formally our "high dose" product, which has now been surpassed by our newest product---50MG gummies, check them out if you prefer a little higher dose.  These RED LABEL gummies are still are amazing flavors, and at the perfect "middle Dose" for so many of our customers. Flavors come in Watermelon, Mango, and Blue Raspberry, just packed with more of a punch than our 15mg/450MG total white label jars!  1050mg of DELTA-8 total in the 30 count jar.  Enjoy responsibly and please refer a friend.